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APICS Certification Program

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Information about site based APICS courses.

Weber State University offers five APICS exam review courses that can be taken collectively to prepare for CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) certification exams or taken separately to suit the needs of the company or individual.  To receive CPIM Certification, you must pass all five of the comprehensive exams through APICS. Each course offers 2 semester hours college credit in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology.  Each course is equivalent to 30 hours class time and provides 30 points towards CPIM Certification Maintenance.  Participants should plan on 40-60 hours per course to read, study, do homework and prepare for and take quizzes and exams.
What is APICS?
Green_Ba.gif (976 bytes) APICS,the Educational Society for Resource Management, is an organization with more than 70,000 members worldwide who are dedicated to providing education in all areas of resource management.  The CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) certification is comprised of five modules covering specific, in-depth aspects of inventory and production management.  Weber State University partners with APICS to provide certification exam preparation courses.
For additional information on APICS, visit their web site at
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Why Choose APICS?
Green_Ba.gif (976 bytes) In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, you must continuously look for ways to achieve professional growth as a company and as an employee.  Attaining job skills, knowledge, and abilities sets you apart from others.
APICS benefits include:

>results-oriented education
>common framework and vocabulary reference
>worldwide recognition as standard of professional competence
>quality curriculum prepared by over 100 experts
>leading edge of professional development and organizational  productivity
>flexible, convenient education options
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Who Should Participate?
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The program established by APICS provides results-oriented supply chain management information applicable to:

>Manufacturing professionals who want training on world-class, leading edge practices
>Individuals wanting career recognition and advancement
>Individuals seeking APICS CPIM certification

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The Role of Weber State University
Green_Ba.gif (976 bytes)  Weber State University's role is to make it as easy as possible for a company or individual to implement strategies to achieve success.  Weber State University in partnership with APICS offers APICS Certification review courses at a variety of times and locations as well as online to meet individual and organizational needs.



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What Courses are Available?
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